PHASE 01. 1995 / 2005


1995 / 1998  Vibrations – Paintings of small and mediu formats on wood and canvas made with close color values. A graphism rich in texture gradually intensifies and transpires on the colored surface that defines the figures.

1998 / 2002 – Experiences on small sizes, usually in wood, where overlapping layers of paint produce, by subtraction and addition, a “matière temps” that once circumscribed underlines a prefiguration of existences.

2002 / 2005 – On paper, the work maintains the same principles of the previous phases, but the gesture and the chance join the addition and subtraction of matter.

PHASE 02 . 2005 / 2015


2005 / 2009  Complexity/unity – Series of works in medium and large formats combining all the previous experiments – addition-subtraction-gesture-chance, but this time in a monochromatic expression.

2009 / 2012 – Continuation of the previous phase, slightly colored, with the introduction of graphical information, memories of  trips.

2012 / 2015 – Experiences for a new graphism representing the ambiances of gardens on top of the monochromatic backgrounds of the earlier phase .

PHASE 03. 2015…

Sans titre 50x65cm acrylique sur papier - Cópia
Integration of the graphism on the thickness of the frame. Accumulation of signs referring to places and experienced situations.